Intermodal Transport

UnitCargo Logistics excels in intermodal transportation, seamlessly blending road and rail services for efficient, eco-friendly freight movements.


At UnitCargo, we redefine reliability in intermodal transport, ensuring seamless connections and unparalleled efficiency for your needs.


Intermodal solutions help us increase our commitment to sustainability. Through innovative practices and eco-conscious initiatives, we minimize environmental Impact.


We are specialized in addressing the pain points of intermodal transportation, delivering unmatched efficiency at every turn.

Our flexible network ensures cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable shipping options, minimizing transit times and environmental impact. UnitCargo revolutionizes logistics through seamless integration of road and rail transport, ensuring smooth cargo movements across diverse terrains and borders. Emphasizing reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness, we provide sustainable solutions for clients and the planet.

Elevate Freight Efficiency

With e-commerce growth, LTL shipping demands more flexibility. Manage spend without sacrificing speed—let us optimize your LTL services for efficiency and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Get a competitive edge—improve your on time in full performance with comprehensive LTL freight services such as consolidation, parcel, and last mile.
  • ​Collaborate with seasoned supply chain experts to anticipate, strategize, and solve both planned and unplanned LTL freight needs.
  • Discover smarter, more flexible multimodal options and end-to-end visibility with our industry leading Navisphere®technology.

What are the advantages of combined transport?

Intermodal Transport solutions with UnitCargo offer you many advantages. For example, the provision of stand-by equipment, higher loading weights of up to 29 tons and the circumvention of driving restrictions at night and on public holidays.







% CO2 Saving


Your Intermodal Solutions by UnitCargo.

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