Career Opportunities

Our Vision

The executive management strives for a liberal, yet tight organisation focusing on the motivation of all staff members. Thus, the rights and personality of individuals are respected, yet their duties called upon. Additionally, the management prioritises the education of every member of staff on the highest level to offer the opportunity to improve their performance steadily, guaranteeing the achievement of company targets. Each member of staff is rendered space for personal growth and welcome to bringing their own ideas into realisation within the company.

Teamwork and Diversity

Everyone holds personal responsibility for the quality of their work within their set tasks and while doing so pointing to the deficiencies in service. It is the goal of our enterprise to establish an extensive wide-area network of partners, in order to offer ideal solutions to both our forwarders and customers. Quality standards on the highest level guarantee our forwarders and customers accurate deliveries within the agreed time with the best conditions available.


We hire potential. Personality with its unique features and traits combinations in stimulating environment is extraordinary material from which specialists and excellent professionals can grow UnitCargo experts. Over time, UnitCargo has developed its UC Academy with long-term talent management, job rotation, and tailored workshops, focusing on core business expertise. We create an inspiring environment that fosters employee education, development, and encourages creativity and personal progress.

Why join the UnitCargo team?

At UnitCargo, we provide career development through our UnitCargo Academy in a successful logistics company. The Key to your success is a supporting company and our supportive environment fosters your growth, allowing you to build your career and enhance your skills

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