UnitCargo Road Transport

UnitCargo stands at the forefront of European logistics, specializing in the efficient movement of goods throughout Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans and neighboring regions.

Dedicated Contracted Trucks

UnitCargo revolutionizes logistics with its specialized truck fleet, offering bespoke transport solutions for unmatched efficiency and seamless operations.

Personal Traffic Managers

Boost your supply chain efficiency with our dedicated traffic managers, ensuring seamless logistics solutions tailored to optimize your transportation needs

Highly Flexible Solutions

Experience unparalleled efficiency and adaptability with our logistics transport services, offering highly flexible solutions tailored to meet your every need.

​As seasoned international freight forwarders, our unwavering dedication lies in continuously enhancing our services to guarantee smooth and secure transport solutions. Through a rigorous process of partner selection and meticulous route planning, we offer stable and competitive freight charges, establishing enduring partnerships with our clients. What sets us apart is our financial independence, derived from prudent reinvestment of profits, ensuring a focus solely on our clients‘ needs. Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and care, UnitCargo remains your reliable and innovative logistics partner, committed to delivering excellence with every shipment.

LTL Efficiency

With the growth of ecommerce, less than truckload (LTL) shipping demands more flexibility than ever. Manage spend without sacrificing speed—let us help you find the right combination of LTL services to gain efficiencies while exceeding customer expectations.

  • Get a competitive edge—improve your on time in full performance with comprehensive LTL freight services such as consolidation, parcel, and last mile.
  • ​Efficient, fast and dedicated communication in over 20 languages ​​of Western and Eastern Europe
  • Use of modern and environmentally friendly trucks in a Europe-wide combined transport network

Seamless Logistics

UnitCargo is the acknowledged expert in the transport corridor Scandinavia, Balkans and beyond. This expertise ensures that the offer of a quality service is matched by performance standards which are both measured and documented.
As an international freight forwarder, it is our utmost priority to constantly work on improving our services for a smooth and efficient transport of your goods. Through targeted and careful selection of permanent partner companies and strict itinerary planning we guarantee stable and competitive freight charges, which guarantee you a secure and long-term partnership. Because we only use managed profits for securing expansion we remain independent from third parties and have the best solution for you. This independency guarantees you that we are treating your job with utmost care and confidentiality.

Our Transport. Anywhere. Anytime. Always.

Road transport is central to our Industry and as an experienced transport company, UnitCargo Road Transportation offers qualified drivers, dedicated contracted trucks, and a team of sophisticated traffic managers to guarantee flexibility, responsiveness, and high capacity transportation. We prioritize operational excellence, focusing on your deadlines and cost constraints.